Jake Carman

In terms of religious educations, you will be hard pressed to find anything like Unitarian Universalism. Since around the age of 4, my parents took me once a week to our UU church in downtown Monson.

Jake CarmanWhat that meant was that I spent a lot of time in the back room in the Sunday school program. No form of education has been more accepting and open minded than what I received there. The teachers were always some of the younger adults in the community, college students and the like. Often times we’d discuss issues and topics that were happening in the world, what they meant and how they pertained to us.

For me, one such instance was right around when same sex marriage was legalized in Massachusetts. Being pretty young at the time, I didn’t really understand what same sex marriage was, and I remember my Sunday school teacher walking us through what that was, why it was a completely okay thing. The schooling I got really hammered home the importance of acceptance, and how all people deserve love.

I’d send my children to a UU Sunday school program in a heartbeat, because I know it would only benefit them.