Malita Brown

I found the Unitarian Church of Monson by accident. I had been playing piano for musicals at the Monson Elementary School when I was told that the UU church was looking for an organist. I sat at an organ for the first time on July 23rd and then took the job in September, 1986. I was terrible but the people were encouraging and I improved.

Malita BrownThe two best things about belonging to a church is the community, a collection of people that care about each other, and the opportunity to perform music. I can’t get past the magic involved in Christianity or any religion because there is no such thing as magic. I was so appreciative to find that I could be my atheist self at this church. I didn’t have to side-step religious questions. I am appreciated and welcome as I am.

Instead of worrying about the next world, I think we should do something about this one in terms of inequality, climate change, etc. If any change will occur, the issue has to be discussed first. Issues not discussed are dead. Through talks and films showing we are getting these issues discussed. It’s the small part we can do for making this a better world.

Anyone interested in issues of social justice should join us, and watch for our next documentary screening coming up soon.