GingerFurey2Hi There!  My name is Ginger Furey, and I'm thrilled to be this year's Religious Education Teacher/Child Care provider for UUPM.  I was raised a Unitarian Universalist, and attended "Sunday school" from infancy through high school.  It's a real privilege and joy to be able to pass on the morals, beliefs, and ways of life that have guided me to this point.  Growing up, religious education had an incredible impact on me.  From life long friendships, adult mentors, and a sense of belonging and support.  I was able to grow, change, explore, question, and find myself.  

My goal for RE is to offer youth the tools and guidance they need to navigate whatever point they are at in their life, through the eyes of Unitarian Universalist Principles.  My vision is for our youth to have a deeper understanding of our faith and how to apply it in their everyday life.  Through hands-on games, arts and crafts, music, conversations, and readings, we will together explore what it means to be a UU.  While our time together may have some theme or structure, I encourage youth to bring in any ideas, topics, concerns, questions they may have.  This time is for them, so they play a large part in guiding the process as well (when age appropriate).  

ZoeChurchI promise our time spent together will be fun, engaging and relaxed! As I'm sure you will hear Rev. Rebecca say in our services, ALL are welcomed.  RE is open to anyone, ages infancy-high school.

Religious Education Testimonials

In terms of religious educations, you will be hard pressed to find anything like Unitarian Universalism. Since around the age of 4, my parents took me once a week to our UU church in downtown Monson. Read the full testimonial.