Member Testimonials

In terms of religious educations, you will be hard pressed to find anything like Unitarian Universalism. Since around the age of 4, my parents took me once a week to our UU church in downtown Monson. Read the full testimonial.

I discovered this church because of the bookstore.  I had never heard of UU.  I am glad for this community, I feel as if I have things to contribute!  I have begun to sing again and can even do a few lay services on topics we all enjoy. Read the full testimonial.

Churches that I attended in the past were sometimes judgmental toward people for different beliefs. UU churches accept you for what you believe in and do not try to force theirs on you. Everyone has different beliefs and opinions.

Read the full testimonial.

I found the Unitarian Church of Monson by accident. I had been playing piano for musicals at the Monson Elementary School when I was told that the UU church was looking for an organist. Read the full testimonial.